Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tips For Your Baby's Photo Shoot

Being a new Mommy comes with lots of challenges. Among the most unsavory are the long nights, difficulty tackling basic household tasks like laundry, and let's face it- I do not miss changing diapers one bit. The little perks like dressing your new infant up in cute little outfits and baby's first steps do make up just a teeny-tiny bit for the not so easy moments.

Although many of us are very excited to take baby to their first photo session, and a lot of new parents are even getting newborn portrait sessions, others are hesitant to jump right in. Scheduling baby portraits and knowing how to go about the process can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips I've learned along the way that make things just a little less scary, and a little more relaxing.

  • Ask around. Get recommendations for photographers in your area, and take a look at their website. Do you see images you like? Are they indoor or outdoor? Do you get a good feeling from the artist?

  • Know your budget. Remember that some sessions come with prints or a cd, while others cover the session alone. Be reasonable about how much you are willing to spend before you fall in love with each and every adorable proof.

  • Ask your photographer for her recommendations. Once you have chosen the artist you will be using, be sure to ask them what their tips are. Many will advise that you pick a time right after baby's nap for the photo session, and to use solid color clothing, rather than prints.

  • If you are using a tutu for your baby girl's photo session, be sure to consider the color of the tutu and the setting. Many examples can be seen in my etsy store of pastel tutus photographed outdoors, and brightly colored tutus photographed indoors. Pastel colors can get washed out, and bright colors can overtake the photo, calling attention away from baby's face.

  • Remember photos can be printed in sepia tones or black and white. The difference is amazing. Check out the two images of my neices above. Both are gorgeous images of the same girls, only the black and white version really calls attention to their sweet little faces.
A special thanks to Hillary at here in San Diego for her wonderful images!

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