Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ice Cream Party Planning 101

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Thinking of a classic theme for that birthday party coming up? Why not Ice Cream? Broken down into small 'bite size' pieces, this party idea is a snap!

With the amazing and constant info from Etsy.com's regular blog articles, anyone can check out the simple but elegant ideas and projects, from ice cream cone balloons, to party trays with a kick and - healthy ice cream sandwiches? Yup! That's right! And not a single crust in sight... http://www.etsy.com/storque/make/how-tuesday-party-planning-12762/

Be sure to read through the article for the different projects. Now for the easy part: pulling together the rest of your Ice Cream Party Extravaganza in no time at all!

Here are several terrific ideas, including my classic Cream Soda tutu design in Neapolitan ice cream colors http://www.danburylane.etsy.com/. Moms will love the ice cream soap party favors by http://www.storybooksoaps.etsy.com/. Don't forget the Thank Yous, and this sweet design by http://www.autumleah.etsy.com/ is a keeper. Now all you need is a complete party pack you can print at home by http://www.505design.etsy.com/ That was easy!

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~ Autumn Leah ~ said...

Thank you very much for featuring my ice cream personalized lables! What an adorable party idea:) Autumn @ autumnleah.etsy.com

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