Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Do I Measure My Daughter For A Tutu?

I wanted to take a minute to share a question that comes up frequently for me as a tutu shop owner. I often answer the question 'How do I measure my daughter for a tutu?' I have found over time that the most direct and simple answer for this question is: Measure against the skin, right on the natural waist. Measure with a tape (or string- then use a ruler to get the measurement) and be sure the tape is not loose.

There is a bit more that you can do to be certain your daughter's (or neice's) tutu is a perfect fit. Here are a few pointers to get great results quickly. You just might be glad you took a minute to read them! Happy Playtime!

Quick Tips:
*be sure your ballerina is wearing tight clothing- bulky clothes make for loose measurements

*pick a time when she's changing her clothes or getting dressed

*warm up the tape measure in your hand for a minute or two before measuring against her skin

*measure just below the belly button, against the skin, with no gaps

*squirmy girls are tough to measure- have her hold a toy, watch tv or stand in front of a mirror

*if you do not have a soft tape measure handy (meaning it is probably shoved between the sofa cushions by a resident toddler), a string will work in a pinch. Mark the string and then measure against a ruler

*be sure to overlap the ends of the tape or string in an ''X" shape, and your measurement is the point where they cross

*my tutu designs have elastic waists, so if you are not certain of your measurement, no worries! I can combine your measurement with her clothing size, and the clothing brand to get a perfect fit- with room to grow

*remember that girls grow quickly, but their waists do not. A baby wearing 6month clothing with a 16" waist can wear her tutu until she reaches up to a 20" waist- that's up to 3 or 4 years old!

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