Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Design... Chocolate Mousee Tutu

Introducing Danbury Lane's newest design, the Chocolate Mousse tutu. This tutu turned out just gorgeous, and I coudn't be happier. Such a sophistocated and yet simple look that is just perfect for newborn photography. I only wish my daughter were still this teenie tiny so that I could have her photos taken in it.

Thanks to Trish York at Jaisha Photography and our sweet little model for their talents. More new designs to come over the next weeks of summer- including some of those all time favorite princesses- perfect for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

DO NOT USE JAISHA PHOTOGRAPHY. She does good pics, but it takes 3 weeks to get them emailed to you. If you dont believe me, check her out at the better business bureau.

Danbury Lane said...

Wow anonymous, I'm not sure this is the right way to go about showing your unhappiness with this photogrpher's customer service.

I advise working it out with her directly. I understand you are upset with this person, but this is just not very polite.

CML Designs - said...

Thanks for posting a comment and checking out my site. Love your tutus. I am having a boy or else I would definitely get one! However, I have a few friends who are having girls and will definitely keep you in mind for gift giving!!! Good luck

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