Thursday, July 7, 2011

And Now For Some Light Reading...

Having a store on Etsy takes an enormous amount of time. I love having something that I can truly call my own. The rest of my time is spent with my family- learning and playing, exploring and growing together. But I can feel a bit isolated at times when tutus orders are coming in day and night, and there just isn't time to get together with friends.

The internet a wonderful place to connect. I feel like I can drop in on my favorite blogs and say hello. Even read a silly article by another mom helps me to feel connected again. I wish I could say more about the subject of connecting from a SAHM point of view, but my almost 6 year old is attempting to drink cereal through a straw, so sadly I have to go...

My list of favorite blog 'pick-me-ups'. Enjoy! (great for us rookies!) (for a grown-up laugh) (kitchen inspiration is needed)

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