Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where do Tutus Come From?

The design process for tutus is so addictive for me. As a former scenic design assistant, window dresser, and lifelong seamstress, it's my outlet in a crazy mommy filled peanut butter and jelly world. I always have to be doing something. In fact, my husband Chris complains about my lack of ability to sit down and relax. I think it balances us out perfectly. He reminds me to take a break, and I remind him to get up and move! All kidding aside, having an outlet is important for those of us concentrated on the raising of their child throughout most of every day.

Flowers are my largest source of inspiration, for their color and texture. Flowers can say 'Posh' or 'Garden Party' even 'Soft and Newborn'. A fun day for me is not one spent at the mall with a Starbucks in hand, but one spent at the Silk floral wharehouse with a Starbucks in hand (I soooo love my coffee...) In the end it's like any artist, paintbrush in hand, or camera, or clay, everything comes together for that one special design to appear. Even if sometimes that means staying up 'til 2 AM.

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