Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inspiration When You Need It Most

A few of my favorite places to go when I need a little inspiration for my tutu designs are to be expected. I get so much out of a trip to So girly, so pretty, but so expensive! Shopping online at good old does the trick as well. For me, I feel like a child all over again with all the fluffy goodness going on... But there is so much more out there to inspire, and not exactly clothing sites either.
Visiting a candy shop (and trying not to eat everything in sight!), is a great treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. A trip to the local garden center is inspiring in a whole different way. How about your favorite children's movie? Museum or Gallery?
There's nothing like the feeling of that new design coming to life after a good ol' inspiration session. Absolutely nothing.

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